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Amber Fuel is a CMO DAO igniting growth in Web 3.0


Top Web 3.0 companies achieve unparalleled success due to an exceptional growth strategy, access to top-notch resources, and unwavering commitment to execution. 

Our CMO DAO provides just that.

Whether you need a temporary lead for a specific project like a launch or need a marketing team built from scratch - our CMOs will provide the knowledge and resources you need to drive big results and lead your team to achieve them.

Our DAO holds Web 2.0 & 3.0 CMOs collectively covering all areas of Web 3.0, from NFTs to DeFi and beyond. We often deliver a minimum of 10x ROI across any growth & marketing-related project along the Web 3.0 lifecycle.


We are committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed. That's why we invest in the companies we work with, putting our resources where our mouth is.

Selected Web 3.0 CMO/ Advisory

Selected Web 2.0 CMO/ Advisory

We engage with companies only through trusted VC partners as to filter for quality & demand. Thank you for your understanding.

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